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The reasons why McDonald coffee case has been so famous

Back in the 90s, there is one phenomenal case about the McDonald and its coffee. It’s the Stella Liebeck McDonald coffee case. In 1992, a senior citizen named Stella Liebeck sat in the passenger seat of her son’s vehicle, while enjoying the meal that they’ve bought from the local McDonald. Unfortunately, Ms. Liebeck has accidentally spilled her coffee. However, the temperature of the McDonald coffee was remarkably hot, and because of this incident, Ms. Lieback has been suffered from 3rd-degree burns and also required skin graft for the treatment. Then the 79 years old Stella Liebeck sued the McDonald with a help of professional personal injury lawyer.

Although the media at that time considered Ms. Liebeck as a slick woman who wants to be a millionaire by taking the advantage of the case, she is actually the victim. She is just an old lady who spilled her coffee, but the coffee was unbelievably hot and it’s reported to be 30 degrees warmer than a home made coffee. It could cause the third-degree burns in just 15 seconds. There are several reasons that made this case has become so popular in the 90s.

1. The award money

The jury has awarded Ms. Liebeck for approximately 2.9 Million dollars. It may be because McDonald is a gargantuan company with million dollars of profit, but it just offers $800 to pay for the Ms. Liebeck Medical bill. However, the truth is Ms. Liebeck needs $20.000 to pay for her medication. Maybe this reason made the jury wanted to shake the McDonald pocket, due to 2.9 million dollars must be small for a gigantic company just like the McDonald.

2. The media

Back in the 90s, people will believe anything that media shows them. Even when the media accuses an old lady as a villain. It’s such as shame that our society was very cold back in the days. Fortunately, now the truth has been discovered, and people have realized that Ms. Liebeck is innocent and just want to prevent other people from getting hurt by McDonald’s coffee.

3. People’s Jealousy

There may be some people who’ve been jealous of the money that Ms. Lieback acquired from the case. Back in 1992, there was a financial crisis in America that might trigger the people’s jealousy.

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